Caribbean Gold Slots

Anyone that is a fan of Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Jack Sparrow, or has ever fantasized about what it would be like to sail the seas in search of treasure and fortune, will all equally love what Caribbean Gold Slots has to offer. A playful theme, colorful mechanics, and stakes as high as a ship’s mast ride high in Caribbean Gold Slots. It is is a pirate hat above the rest that you will have a hard time wrestling yourself away from.


Caribbean Gold Slots casts you in the role of a pirate king sailing around in search of fame, fortune, treasure, and whatever else you can get your pirate hands on. It is all very fun, intuitive, and joyful to play. Firing cannons, avoiding certain doom, playing with your parrot, and opening sunken treasure chests are what you will spend most of your time doing.


Caribbean Gold Slots walks the line between cartoony and gritty. The illustrations themselves are all well done, though a few leave something to be desired, like the pirate captain. Card reels all have a nice, hand drawn quality to them with a bit of weathering to go along with it. The parrot and cannon reels all look like they were professionally done. And the frame for it all makes you feel like you are on a pirate ship manning the wheel while keeping your crew at bay.

One downside of the presentation is that some card reels can be a little hard to make out for the first time. Certain letters are hard to decipher for the first time, but once you understand what the queen card is, you will never forget.


Caribbean Gold Slots does not drift too far off the currents of the norm, but still manages to be a solid all around slot to play, even in down times. The standard 5 reel structure is present, having coins worth one cent to $10, capping off your bets at $250. There is also the ability to have your crew sail the high seas on auto pilot while you tend to other things, which is always a welcome touch.

The Caribbean Gold Slots symbol functions here as the scatter symbol. If you can manage to get full line of them, you can multiply your bet by 50 times.

Free spins also see a return here via the gold logo symbol. During this bonus round, you pick from 8 different symbols until you chance upon a match. You earn 10 free spins, which is matched by any multipliers present at the time of winning.

At random, you will also encounter sunken treasure. This activates an additional round that will task you with choosing among 15 different islands that you think a pirate has hidden his treasure on. Any choice you make will result in a shipwreck, prize, or treasure chest. It all ends if you manage to wreck your ship three times, giving you the option to turn back early, which makes for an interesting risk and reward mechanic that you do not see too often in these games.


+ Great Theme + Competent Gameplay Mechanics + High Multipliers


- We really like pirates and do not feel comfortable disliking anything associated with them


Caribbean Gold Slots will dazzle you with its ability to hold your attention, win you money, and go on expeditions to find additional loot that is not seen in many other games. With a solid presentation and a good balance of familiarity and novelty, Caribbean Gold Slots is well suited to anyone that likes money and pirates.