Cash Grab Slots

In online casinos, you usually find two kinds of slot machines these days. There are those that embrace state-of-the-art elements that revolve around 3D graphics, special sound effects and detailed animations, and these features are often combined to a special theme that tells a compelling backstory. However, on the opposite side, you have plenty of developers who deliberately create very basic and simple looking games with classic slot title elements and easy to understand game play features. The game Cash Grab Slots is certainly a title that you can place in the latter category. While playing this slot, you might get the feeling that you're spinning the reels of a real life casino slot machine. However, despite its classic appearance, this game has some alluring wins and other positive surprises on offer.

A Real Life Virtual Spinning Experience

This virtual game does a decent job in providing a spinning experience that is similar to one you might have in a land based casino. When you load it onto your screen, you will see a machine that has a really classic look. The realistic game buttons are at the bottom of the screen and the 3 available reels are placed on top of them. On the background, you can see what appears to be the casino in which the slot machine is standing.

All in all, this game shows that it is not always in the interest of modern day slot software developers to make their games as high-tech and complicated as they can be. Sometimes, simplicity and a couple of healthy payout offers are all it takes to give players a good time, and those are exactly the points that Wager Gaming Technology (WGS) focused on when it created this old-school game.

Adjust the Game Play Buttons to Your Liking

Just as with the design of this online slot machine, the game play aspect of it is kept very simple as well. There is a command bar that is positioned beneath the reels. The buttons on that command bar are square shaped, and that makes them look similar to the ones that you can find on traditional slot machines in casinos. The functions of these buttons do not need an in-depth explanation as they are really straightforward game adjustment options.

The matrix of the game consists of three reels and there is one pay-line that crosses them in the center. You are tasked to place successful symbol combinations on the pay-line so that payouts will be triggered. There are arrows on the command bar that let you determine the value of the coins. A spin can be activated with one, two or three coins. When you hit a winning combination on the reels, the pay-line will become blue, and on the pay-table you will see a flickering light that highlights the payout that you won.

As with any slot machine game, the amount of win money that you receive depends on the wager amount that you are using when the payout is triggered. If you really want to make a daring bet, then you can always choose to activate the 'play max' function. When this function is active, you become eligible to take home the game's jackpot prize.

Bet Higher to Win More

On the pay-table of this game, you will see an array of old-school slot reel attributes that are very familiar for everyone that has played classic slots in the past. The cherry is perhaps the most famous icon on that table. It can reward you with a tiny prize that is not really noteworthy. Things get a little better with the also very famous bar singles, which appear on the reels as single, double and triple variations. The most rewarding prizes can be won with the all familiar red number seven and the game's very own Cash Grab icon. This last icon hands out the top payout.

Additionally, you can also combine some of these symbols on the reels and receive a low value cash reward in return. A very high prize can be won when you spin the Cash Grab logo three times while you bet with two coins during a spin. Make this spin become reality and you earn yourself a juicy cash gift of 1.600 times the wager value. However, you can become even richer if you bet with three coins and land three Cash Grab symbols on the reels during your spin.

Take a Bigger Risk to Win the Jackpot Prize

The biggest risks can result in the biggest positive win outcome. In the case of this game, you take the biggest betting risk when you play with three coins during a spin. Should the situation occur that you hit three Cash Grab symbols on the reels while you play with three coins, then you win the amazing 2.400 bet multiplier reward. Also, the Cash Grab logos will function as win multiplying wilds when you make spins with the maximum number of coins. The wild multiplies prizes by two when it shows up in a symbol combination, and when two wilds are a part of the combination, you will benefit from a four times win multiplier.

Cash Grab Slots Brings Simplicity to the Spinning and Winning Process

Cash Grab Slots brings an element of simplicity to the process of spinning for cash wins. You will hardly have any trouble understanding this game when you play it. And when you want to play it, you can just easily go to a WGS games offering casino platform and enjoy the game from the comfort of your own home instead of having to go to a real life casino. So let nothing stop you from spinning the reels of this slot as it will lead you to cash profits in a straightforward though entertaining manner. Lastly, you can also choose to play with fun credits if you prefer not to make bets with real coins.