Fruit Loot Wild X Slots

Get excited for this three-reel slot from WGS that has a few twists. Wild X slot games always kick things up with multipliers. A free spins bonus round in Fruit Loot Wild X slots is added to the mix this time. With a game RTP estimated to be around 96 percent, it's likely that you'll win back your bets if you play long enough, which is giving it a high slot game rating from players. It's easy to play and rewarding when the 3x wilds line up.

Check Out the Fruit Loot Paytable

The prizes found on the game's paytable vary and depend on your bet. The base paytable is as follows. To get payout amounts for a two- or three-credit wager, multiply the numbers in the one-credit paytable by 2x or 3x.

  • One cherry – 2 coins
  • Two cherries – 5 coins
  • Three cherries – 10 coins
  • Mix of bars – 5 coins
  • Single bars – 10 coins
  • Double bars – 15 coins
  • Triple Bars – 20 coins
  • Oranges – 30 coins
  • Watermelon – 40 coins
  • 7s – 50 coins
  • 3x Wilds – 100 coins

Are There Bonus Features?

Most definitely! There are two bonus features worth noting. First, the 3x Wild multiplies prizes when it helps form certain paylines. If one wild symbol appears in a winning combination, you gain a 3x multiplier. If two symbols do, you gain a 9x multiplier.

Second, there is a free spins symbol. Get it anywhere on the three reels and win 10 free spins in the bonus round. During all free spins, your prizes triple. Say slot game winners land three watermelons on an active line with all three credits wagered, the 120 prize increases to 360 coins in the free spins bonus round.

Before You Play...

Betting options on the five paylines in this three-reel slot start at a penny per line. Bet up to three credits on one to five lines. If you go for the maximum coin value, all three credits, and all five paylines, you'll spend the highest possible amount of $150 (5 lines x 3 credits x $10).

Play Fruit Loot Wild X slots on your smartphone using mobile play for Android/iOS. Play online if you want to play for real money after logging in. If you want to play for fun, don't log in first. Instead, click the “demo play” button on the game and try it out that way. Enjoy!