Jonah Hammer

We could choose lots of Wager Gaming slot games to share with you, and we’d positively review them all. Jonah Hammer stands out, however, and we thought we’d try and find out why here.

The loading screen has promise, for starters, revealing the introduction of the Santa Fe 3 during the game. We can also see a few gold shields that look like sheriff’s badges, so could that give us more information to go on?

Set in the Wild West

The background features mountains, sparse areas of grass, reddish earth, and blue skies. The wooden buildings suggested on either side of the reels adds to the feel of the game. While there isn’t as much detail here as we’ve seen in other games, we like the appearance anyway, with ten-gallon hats on the reels along with cowboys.

Wild horse could drag you toward some more prizes

The wild horse galloping along here includes a rider, thankfully, and they can guide you toward some prizes. The wild horse replaces everything except for the scatter symbol, and it can pay out alone for two or more horses as well. Find five on a paid line and the top prize of 4,000 coins is coming your way.

Scattered cash bags can bring more thrills

Find up to 15 free games in Jonah Hammer in exchange for three or more of the scatters. You need the full five to get all 15 spins though.

Who are the Santa Fe 3?

You’ll spot them – we hope – on the odd-numbered reels as you play. If you manage to get them on each of those reels, you’ll go through to the bonus game. You can read about the Santa Fe 3 if you select the comic invite in the paytable – an unusual feature that gives you some background for the game.

Jonah Hammer must find each of the members of this gang in three versions of the bonus round. There is a map that suggests where each one might be hidden away, too.

Plenty of action in the Jonah Hammer slot

With a storyline behind the game, a comic to read, a bonus round that gives you the chance to hunt down all three members of the gang, and the usual round of features you’d find in plenty of other slots, Jonah Hammer is a clear favorite. Find it today at Liberty Slots Casino and Lincoln Casino, among other leading sites.