Livin' the Life Slots

Livin’ the Life Slots is a wonderful ride through what it would be like to be rich, famous, and powerful. The developers are confident enough that there is no way you will be able to stop after you have given it a try, letting you begin for free if you would like. Livin’ the Life is well worth your time, the developer’s confidence clearly being well placed.


Having everything you could ever wantwant, and achieved everything you could be after, is the theme of the game. Gold, girls, golf, beaches, and more are your everyday essentials, as if you were a billionaire traveling the world doing anything you would like in a hot air balloon made out of money.

It is all very care free and casual, as at that level of wealth, you would never have anything to worry about anyway.


The graphics in Livin’ the Life are all top notch and well done. It strikes a good balance between being cartoony and real, giving it a fun, casual vibe that is not too serious and not too light. Although a kid could play it and have a good time, it seems mainly targeted at adults. To that end, it succeeds.

The choice of graphics are all relatively novel too. If you were to take any one of the images out of the game, they would all still look relatively good, to the point that you would never mistake them for anything but something that had been professionally done.


Like most games in the genre, Livin’ the Life Slots sits across five reels. Hidden beneath it are bonus games you can unlock, as well as special symbols that raise the stakes — always in your favor, of course.

Bonus wheels appear across three of the reels, the matching of which triggers a bonus wheel round. As is standard elsewhere, this gives you a chance to earn extra prizes and extra spins at no cost. Money wheels are also present. If you are lucky enough to trigger three of them, your prizes are multiplied by the amount you bet. This goes as high as 1000 times your original amount, giving you a fair chance of livin’ the good life yourself if you play long enough and let the odds work in your favor.

The maximum is $200 for those willing to risk it all for a chance at a better life, but starts off at a single cent. For those with other things to do that would still like some extra cash, an auto play feature is also available, so you can live your own life while raking in the dough at your leisure.


+ Great Theme + Solid Presentation


- Gameplay is a little standard - Trappings of the game do not entirely match the top notch art


A lot of the mechanics in Livin’ the Life are fairly standard, including the shape of the board, the symbols you would need to match to access bonus rounds, and the structure of the betting. What sets it apart and makes it unique from other games, however, are how solid it plays, a fun premise that makes you feel good while you are playing it, and the ability to win a fair amount of money in a passive way due to the nature of the multipliers and how bonus rounds function. Compared to similar games, Livin’ the Life still manages to stand out, and anyone interested in livin’ the life themselves would do well to give it a try. If you win, feel free to use the images as a guide for how to spend your well deserved earnings.