Love Bugs Slots

You often see bugs flying around in the air, and you can sometimes feel that love is in the air as well, but what if both the bugs and love go airborne at the same time. That is exactly what happens when you step into the slot machine world of Love Bugs Slots. Romance and coins are all that matters in this fun and rewarding slot title from developer Wager Gaming Technology (WGS). This WGS title lets you spin all kind of love, bug and romance themed symbols on its 5 reels, 3 rows and 1 to 25 paylines.

Heartbeat Raising Symbols in the Game

There are two substitute (wild) symbols in this game. These two symbols are the lady bug and the love bug. They can replace any symbol in a combination, as long as it is not a scatter. The two wild attributes can also trigger a bonus feature when you spin them both on the reels during a game. In order for the bonus feature to be launched, you need to spin the lady bug on a position at reel one, and the love bug on a position on reel five. In addition to the wild icons, you can also spin the scatter icon on the reels, which is the logo of a heart in this game. The scatter pays out in any direction.

Non-feature symbols fill up the remaining reel spots in the game. They are all love themed attributes, and the romantic scene of the gondola in Venice is the highest paying one. Spin it into a combination of five and you will win a top reward of 5000. Furthermore, the diamond ring is also a very rewarding reel attribute with its 1000 top prize. Some of the other romance themed icons that you can spin are the violin, the perfume bottle and the love letter.

Find out If You and Love Bugs Slots Are a Match Made in Heaven

Are you in the mood for some sweet love, romance and handsome casino profits? Then it is time to go on an online slot machine date. Love Bug Slots will do its best to win your heart with its fun theme, its special features, and its generous rewards. Play Love Bugs Slots on one of the Wager Gaming Technology powered casinos that have it on offer, and find out if it is a match made in heaven.