Orient Express Slots

Orient Express Slots is an online slot machine title from WGS (Wager Gaming Technology) that gives you 21 paylines and 5 reels to play with. This game is different from other slot machine titles in the sense that it offers no special features at all. Combined with its very basic design, it becomes clear that this slot title caters to the needs of players who like to keep it very simple, and who just want to make their spins without being distracted by things like bonus rounds, animations and other modern slot title elements. There are just a few Asian themed symbols on the reels, and that is all you get to play with, and make paytable wins with that range from 5 to 2500. If minimal and straightforward is what you are looking for, then this is a game you can play to make some decent wins.

Make Your Wins with Asian Themed Reel Symbols

Before playing this game, it is worth mentioning that it has nothing to do with the famous train called the Orient Express. If you expecting to see and play with symbols related to that historic train, then it might be better to look for a different game. However, if you love everything that has to do with Asia and its cultures, then this game will be more in your field of interest. On the reels of this slot title, you can find symbols like the ship, the bonsai tree, the gong and the red dragon. From all the symbols on the paytable, the ship is the lowest paying one with a maximum reward of 15, and the red dragon is the highest paying one with a top reward of 2500. In order to win the highest symbol payouts, you need to line up five similar symbols on active paylines.

Spin Yourself to Profits with Orient Express Slots

Orient Express Slots is not a title that every player will like due to its simplicity in both design and gameplay elements. However, if you are the kind of gambler who likes to keep things as simple as possible and just want to make as much undisturbed spins as possible, then you might find it worthwhile to spin the reels of this game, especially if you are also into Asian cultures. Locate Orient Express Slots on WGS powered casino platforms that have it included into their game collections, and see if you can spin yourself to some profits.