5 Million Dollar Touchdown Slots

Do you often enjoy American Football sports entertainment in the stadium or on your television screen? Then you might also enjoy it on your game screen. 5 Million Dollar Touchdown Slots from slot title developer Wager Gaming Technology (WGS) gives you the opportunity to have a very rewarding American Football entertainment experience at various online casino platforms. What's more, not only does this game entertain you with elements from your favorite sports game, but it also lets you win cash rewards that make it extra exciting to play and have fun. Start to spin the reels of 5 Million Dollar Touchdown Slots today so that profitable symbol combinations can make you wealthy for the future.

Profitable Non-Feature Symbols in the Game

As you might expect, 5 Million Dollar Touchdown Slots lets you play with various American Football themed symbols. Football players are displayed on three different symbols. The cheerleaders are of course also present, and so are the ball, the whistle, the coin, and the goal post. These are all non-feature icons, and they pay very well when you line them up properly on the five available reels and the 20 paylines, especially if you spin them into combinations of five. The players are your best shot at making it big, because their top rewards range from 2000 to 7500.

Spin Special Symbols with Potentially Life Changing Rewards

In addition to the non-feature symbols, this game also has a wild in the form of a referee, a scatter in the form of a tactics display, and a bonus round triggering symbol in the form of a target. The wild substitutes non-feature icons in combinations and also pays out the game's highest paytable reward with its amazing top prize of 15000. Two target icons on activated paylines will bring you to a special bonus round. The scatter can give you free spins to play with, but more importantly, it also gives you a chance to win the life changing jackpot amount of $5 million, which is handed out when you spin a 5 piece scatter combination with max coins and max paylines. Looking at its tremendous value, the $5 million reward will most likely become your biggest motivation to play this game, so get ready to make spinning touchdowns and start to score big.

Get Ready to Make Spinning Touchdowns

Get ready to make some spinning touchdowns that will stun the crowd and boost your casino bankroll to great heights. 5 Million Dollar Touchdown Slots has all the ingredients for a thrilling American Football and slot machine match that takes place on the reels. Look for this game on Wager Gaming Technology powered casino websites. It is there that you can take on the challenge to make potentially life changing profits on a 24/7 basis.