Golden Reels Slots

Golden Reels Slots is a game whose name does not seem to do justice to what it is about. Taking winter sports as the main source of inspiration, Golden Reels Slots is a game for sports fanatics and slot winning hopefuls alike. With a quirky art style and fairly solid gameplay mechanics, Golden Reels Slots does not manage to stand out all that much from the crowd, but is a competent entry for sports enthusiasts that are looking to spend a little of their free time increasing their bank account.


The winter Olympics is the main inspiration for Golden Reels Slots. Drawing on the various sports featured there, as well as things having to do with the ceremony concerning the games themselves, sports, sports, and more sports is what this slot game is all about. If you are a fan of any games featured, or into competitive sports in general, this game will likely have something to offer you.


Graphics in Golden Reels Slots are certainly well done, albeit a bit uneven. The crisp, clean, clear illustrations of specific sporting competitors usually look good and cartoony, having just enough emotion to make them worth a second look. Some of them are oddly realistic, however, as are the various things such as medals featured, which makes for an odd combination. It is as if someone combined a cartoon with a more serious looking super hero comic, and the resulting thing is a disjointed mixture of the two. It still looks nice, it would just have been nicer if they had taken the time to make things a little more coherent and even.


Game mechanics in Golden Reel Slots are fairly standard, with a bit of Olympic flair thrown in. The tried and true 5 reel formula is present here, along with auto play and 30 play lines. Bets start as little as a cent, making the game very accessible. And there are free spin mechanics made slightly more interesting thanks to the snowboarding character doing his job there. There are no complex bonuses or special rules, which combined with the low entry for betting, makes the game very accessible, albeit not always that exciting.


+ Winter Olympics theme is well done + Plays well and has no issues there + Very accessible betting amounts


- If you are not into any of the sports featured, there really is not much here to entice you - Gameplay is standard to a point of fault sometimes compared to other slots


Golden Reels Slots is a solid winter Olympics themed slot affair that will surely please anyone that is a fan of the games. Particularly if you find yourself during an Olympic season, this game is a fun way to pass the time between events, and possibly even during the downtime of the more boring ones. What Golden Reels Slots is not, however, is all that inventive or engrossing. It is a fairly standard game with a low barrier to entry that does everything just competently enough to get by.

With a little more love, this game could have been great. As is, it is merely good, and that is provided you have an affinity for the sports it uses on each reel. We recommend giving it a try if any of that sounds interested. If it does not, you might still like it, but probably will not find much longevity to it given what else is on offer in the space, both in terms of gameplay mechanics as well as themes that have a little more love put into them.