Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

Ultimate 10x Wild Slots is a sequel to the very well done Wild X series. If you want a slot that is easy to play, clear throughout, and does little to distract you from your chances of winning money, Ultimate 10x Wild Slots is the game for you. Simple mechanics and high multipliers combine here to make a classic game that still manages to be addictive and accessible despite having a decent chance of winning.


There is no premise here, which is part of the point. It looks just like a classic table, complete with bars and bells and lucky 7s, all operating on a standard single reel setup. Ultimate 10x Wild Slots is a classic slot machine, here having the main point being the many things you can match in order to win. This works both for and against it, as there is to keep you interested if the initial runs are not enticing, but it is also hard to put down if winning money in slot machines is your thing.


Just like a classic slot machine, there is a single reel filled with standard symbols that are all matched on a single reel each and every time you spin. Simple, clear, clean, and crisp is the headline here. Bars, bells, lucky 7s, and multipliers are all present, just as you would expect on an old style table in a classic Vegas casino. Even the background is a casino, the front of the machine looking like one you might find in a back area of the strip while waiting for your drinks.


You can match bars and bells and cherries and diamonds, the lucky 7 being the most sought after, all of which happens on a single reel in the center. How that affects the payout is fairly standard fair, though the triple 3x and ultimate 10x symbols stand out as spicing things up a bit from a more standard payout system. There is not much to write home about with the mechanics, which was clearly the intention.

A progressive jackpot is always present, allowing you to win up to 30,000 coins if you risk 3 coins on your bet. This adds a little flair to an otherwise entirely basic game.


+ No frills display + Simple, clear mechanics + Clean and crisp presentation


- Sometimes the game seems a little barebones given what could have easily been done to spice it up a bit. - Simplicity of the game makes this hit or miss - There is not much to entice you to keep going if you are not immediately drawn in


If you ever find yourself not caring about the complicated mechanics or bonus rounds of some slots, and think figuring all of that out and keeping track of it is a chore, Ultimate 10x Wild Slots may be the game for you. Anyone interested in a classic, simple, and true slot going experience will fall in love with Ultimate 10x Wild Slots. It never veers very far from a tried and true formula, but for some, this can be a boon. Built on the success of the prior entries, it is easily the most polished of the bunch, and offers players just enough to keep going and winning money, but is conservative in its desire to never offer them that little bit more than might have made this a true gem in the genre. It is still worth a play, however, to see if it clicks with you, and as a nice change of pace from the complicated fair of slots on the market today.