Stocking Stuffers Slots

Stocking Stuffers slots is a three-reel slot that's part of the Wild X series. In these games, X's are key to the huge payouts. In this holiday-themed slot, you'll find a progressive jackpot that has to be awarded by $2,500. There's also the 5X symbol that is a wild and increases winnings by up to 25x.

Prizes Will Make You Very Jolly

Many symbols in Stocking Stuffers slots lead to great rewards. The 5X wild symbol is the best. It pays 7,500 coins when you've bet all three credits. As a wild, it also helps form winning lines. If one helps you out, you get a 5x multiplier. If two wilds are on your winning line, the prize is multiplied by 25x. The only symbol the wild doesn't replace is the bonus gift pile symbol.

The next set of prizes come from the 7s. There are red and blue 7s. A mix of them on a line pays 100 coins. If you fill the line with red 7s, you win 200 coins. Blue 7s pay 160 coins.

In the middle of the paytable, there are bars. You have single, double, and triple bars. Triple bars pay the most at 80 coins. Double bars pay 50 coins. Single bars pay 20 coins. A mix of them pays 10 coins.

Finally, you have cherries. One cherry on the line pays 4 coins. Two pays 10 coins, but if you fill the line with cherries, you win 20 coins.

Those prizes are for a two or three-credit wager. If you only bet one credit, the prizes decrease. The top prize is 5,000 coins with three 5X Wilds. The other prizes are cut in half.

The Holiday Cash Bonus Feature

When you've risked all three credits, you may trigger the Holiday Cash Bonus. It starts when you get a pile of gifts on the third reel. In this bonus game, your choices can lead to plenty of holiday cash.

To play Stocking Stuffers slots, you'll want to set your coin value from a penny to $5. Bet up to three credits on the line. The full three-credit bet gives you a 3x bet multiplier. Remember that you must bet all three credits in order for the Holiday Cash Bonus to become available. Imagine what you could do with 25x one of the top prizes. Play now.