7x Lucky 7s Slots

Using a single line reel to make fairly standard matches, 7x Lucky 7s Slots takes the simplicity of the original slot machines, combines it with some clever and time tested game mechanics, and results in a package that is surprisingly robust given how basic it at times looks. 7x Lucky 7s Slots harkens back to a simpler time before slot machines were complicated and composed of many parts.


The premise of the game here is simple: this is a slot machine, you match a few lines on the reel, and that is it. Much like the days of old, you are trying to match as many reels as you can, the number 7 being the luckiest of all. There is no fancy series of reels, esoteric concepts to remember, cute characters that pop in, or complicated game mechanics thrown at you. This is pleasant in a way, as anyone that has been to a casino in Vegas can attest to these machines still being just as addictive as they were when they began. The downside of this is that it may come to bore some people, but the fast pace of play and jackpot mechanics are enough to keep that at bay.


7x Lucky 7s Slots looks like a slot machine. There is not a whole lot to say here. It looks exactly like you would expect, draws on nice elements from the classic slot machines of their day in Vegas, and is all very clean and crisp. Everything is clearly laid out, easy to understand, and all readily accessible from anywhere you are in the game. The graphics are well chosen, just the right amount of colorful, and clearly have a professional touch to them that sets it all apart from some of the cheaper games that reach too far with too small of an art budget.


Betting here happens between one and three coins, the coins ranging from a single cent to $5 each. This adds up to a maximum spin of $15, which is a lot lower than some of the higher end games, but still high enough to keep things interesting.

As the name implies, the way to win the most here is to match as many 7s as you can—three to be precise. The multipliers here max out at 2x, with cherries and other characters coming in to ensure there is not only a single number that determines whether or not you win.

The progressive jackpot here is the real draw, maxing out at a guaranteed $25,000. This and the pace of play is enough to keep players interested and focused, but never too stressed or manic that they do not know what is going on or how to proceed.


+ Immensely accessible + Clean and clear presentation + Simple premise + Classic play style + Progressive Jackpot mechanic


- There is not a whole lot to keep you interested if you do not enjoy the base premise - There only being one reel can make it feel like you have less chances to win, even though that is not true - A little bare bones, even for the premise - Small betting amounts


7x Lucky 7s Slots is the kind of game that you will love if it clicks with you, and will likely never love if it does not, which works both for and against its enjoyment and thrill. It is perfect for players that prefer simplicity, low betting amounts, a fast pace of play, and easy to grasp game mechanics. Anyone looking for a little more, however, will be left wanting.