Turkey Shoot Slots

Enter the exciting wild world of shooting in Turkey Shoot Slots. You can win really big with this game where you can gamble to your heart’s content. The interface is great and this game has the usual great lines and pay outs. The slots pay out 25 lines and you can also win enormous bonuses while shooting the turkeys. Enter a completely different world in the Turkey Shoot Slots where you can win many prizes. So step up on to the battlefield and shoot away at those turkeys. Plunge yourself into the world of turkeys and watch those turkey shy away in horror as you enter a world of total chaos. Enjoy winning large rewards when you play Turkey Shoot Slots. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to aim and shoot all those turkeys to your heart’s content? Well now you can get down to it and enjoy a great experience while enjoying your favourite game. Sound too good to be true? Well then get ready to emerge yourself in this incredible world and dive right into the battlefield. Discover plenty of gold from within this mysterious world. The Wild Turkey Bonus Shoot is triggered off by Reel 3 where you can blast away and make several big winnings. The bonuses range from free spins to marvellous winnings. The Battle Bonus is triggered by 3 to 5 turkeys appearing on reel 2, reel 3 and reel 4 triggering the bonus, 4 triggering 5 times your bet and the bonus, and 5 triggering 20 times your bet and the bonus. The Championships will then do battle with the winner winning a feature from the feature trail while the loser will not go away with nothing at all. Instead the loser gets the consolation prize of 2 times to 10 times their bet. The winner also gets 1 victory point, and 3 victory points awards a higher feature. The Feature Trail will be triggered by three turkeys. Shoot anything that moves and find out how good your aim is and what your trophies will be. Special features include a mixture of free spins, double prizes, extra wilds, sticky wilds, giant spins and super spins. Turkey Shoot Slots is a game of luck. In order to see results and win big you need to have patience and play for an extended period of time. It is important that you put aside an amount of money to play with and not to go over that amount. When you have played it all, that is your limit, do not bring out any extra money. This way you can control how much to play and know your limitations. Know when to stop. When the fun stops – stop! Stopping at the right time can make a difference between having fun and losing money by going over your limit. So what are you waiting for? Jump into this incredible world and start playing Turkey Shoot Slots. You will surely have yourself one great and rewarding and hilarious adventure along the way. Play your game and win rewards on your orc vs elf adventure. Enter the wonderful world of turkeys and discover the riches and adventure that lies within. One thing is for sure – you will not want to come back from this adventure!