Triple 10x Wild Slots

Harkening back to the classic style slot machines that started the genre itself, Triple 10x Wild Slots has most of its headlining features built into the name. It is a slot that plays it safe while letting players still have a fun time winning money, pulling reels, and doing their best to win it big in classic Vegas style. Triple 10x Wild Slots is a blast from the past with all the modern niceties of the present.


It is a slot machine, which is the main draw. This is refreshing, as most other slot machine games now online and elsewhere are all trying to be anything but an actual slot machine, which is the reason we all play them. Aside from drinks and nice waitresses, it would all fit into any casino lining the strip. There are not any out there themes, or colorful characters, or oddities popping out at players as they go. Instead, there are nice, crisp graphics that make you feel like you are in Vegas, staying up ever later to make your big score.


There probably is not a single image you are unlikely to have seen before peppering the table, but what is there is nice, vivid, and wildly well done. None of it feels cheap or second hand. All of the visuals here are crisp and familiar. A lot of time clearly went into making it look great, and it shows as things are wizzing and flying up and down the screen in a manner we are all used to. At least those old enough to appreciate that.


Triple 10x slots keeps things simple and familiar with only 3 reels to match to win it big, unlike most 5 reel slots you will find elsewhere. How to play is always conveniently located atop the reels like in a classic Vegas casino, all consisting of fairly standard matchings of 3 symbols across.

As the name implies, the Wild Symbol can appear on any reel at any time. Matching 3 of these together can multiply your winnings by 10. And while this is not substantial compared to some other slot games, it is much more likely to happen on a 3 reel system.

Stakes here are not low, 3 coins being required to begin play, each costing $10. The jackpots can still be quite big, however, ranging from 10,000 to 30,000.


+ The clear, crisp, classic visuals + Simple play mechanics + Easy and accessible play style + Chance of winning is fair + Good Jackpots


- Limited multiplier mechanics - Tried and true formula for some may feel stale by comparison to modern reimagining of the slot machine - Bets are all fairly high end and may be less accessible for the risk averse


There is not a single thing new about Triple 10x Wild Slots, and that is kind of the point. It is a throwback to times before slots that did everything in their power to play like anything but a slot machine. This is both a strength and a weakness of the game. On the one hand, it is very familiar, true to form, solid, and easy to understand. On the other hand, there is very little about it that will wow you if you have already played a lot of classic slot machines of this kind.

For those looking for something familiar, fun, and with a good payout, look no further than Triple 10x Slots. It does what it does simple, elegantly, well, and with enough action to keep it interesting for players of all ages and skillsets.